Kota Kinabalu Workshop

Covers: What is US Education, How is it different from UK/Aus/Malaysia/Singapore education, What is Liberal Arts Education, Life Studying in US, and basic applications steps

Date: 19th June 2010

Time: 2PM – 6PM (Registration at 1PM – 1:50PM)

Venue: School Hall, Kinabalu International School (Venue Sponsor)

Off Jalan Khidmat, Bukit Padang, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

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Cost: FREE!


Andrew Loh (Swarthmore ’11)

Andrew Tham (Kalamazoo College ’15)

Dominic Lucien Luk (Brandeis ’10)

Kevin Sim – Resident Counselor, Raffles Junior College, Singapore

Suet Li (Mount Holyoke ’11)

WunMin (MIT ’11)

Yangli (Middlebury ’12)

* Food, drink and stationery are not provided. Please bring your own.

Sign Up Now! (If you know of anyone without internet access, they can register via SMS at 012-6942669. Do include name, email address and which workshop that they would like to register for. Thanks!)

Tell your friends via Facebook Event (Registration only at this wordpress)


14 Responses to Kota Kinabalu Workshop

  1. Cindy says:

    is this event for undergraduates only? im interested in postgraduate studies in US, preferably in scientific research. let me know. thanks.

    • chenchow says:

      Cindy, it would be mainly on the undergraduates only. However, if you have question, feel free to drop by, and we would be more than happy to answer you as best as we could.


  2. Kiren Leanndra Devaser says:

    Would like to attend K.K. workshop at KIS. Thank you.

  3. Andrea says:

    I know this might not even be an issue. But there’s this International Understanding Day Bazaar happening on the 19th June at around the same time and A LOT of teens will be involved in this. I just thought of letting you guys know because some of them might be interested to go but time might not permit. Many youth who are interactors will be on duty on that day.

    The bazaar is an annual thing which gets lots and lots of youth attendees. It would be such a missed opportunity for some of us not to go for this workshop!

    • chenchow says:

      Hi Andrea,

      Thanks for letting us know about it. Roughly how many youth would be involved in this bazaar?

      What time would this bazaar be from?

      Any website that shows the information of this International understanding Day Bazaar?


  4. Andrea says:

    This bazaar is from 11am to 3pm. I understand you’d like to confirm whether this bazaar is real but really sorry but I don’t think there are any websites that have any information on this event. It’s actually an annual event organised by the Rotary Club of Kota Kinabalu and participated by Interact Clubs throughout KK. There will be 7 schools participating this year. Probably 40 students on duty from each school.

    The crowd, based on past years, come and go but can add up to around a thousand but like I said, they come and go and most, apart from those on duty, don’t stay there throughout the whole event.

    Hope this info helps 🙂

    • chenchow says:

      Thanks, Andrea for the info. I guess in this case, then most of the people can still attend the workshop, since it would only start at 2pm.

      Would you be at the event? Could the event organizer helped to publicize on this US Applications workshop too?


  5. seanlam says:

    I wish to attend it… wish to get more info regard the postgraduate studies in USA…

    • chenchow says:

      Yes. Do attend. For the Kota Kinabalu workshop, we would be able to respond to your enquiries on post-graduate studies.

      Do sign up!

  6. kimberley says:

    what was said above is true, as i am also helping in the bazaar so i don’t think i will be able to attend the workshop although i’d like to. they’ll say it ends at three, but people like me who are helping will have to clean up, pack up etc so we will have to miss the conference 😦

  7. chenchow says:

    Kimberley, do show up once you are done. As long as you are there before 6pm, we would answer all your questions on studying in US Universities. We would be happy to speak to some of you in smaller groups there (or perhaps we might need to move to any place just outside Kinabalu International School), if they have to lock us out after 6pm.

    So, do still sign up. Don’t feel sad.

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