Klang Valley 2-Day Workshop

2-day workshop on the U.S. college application process, guiding you in every step of the application.

Date: 7th & 8th August 2010

Time: 9AM – 6PM for both days (2-day workshop)

Venue: Lecture Theater 20, Taylor’s University College Lakeside Campus (Venue Sponsor)

Jalan PJS 7/13 Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

This is the Map

Fees: RM20 (payable on August 7, 2010) Lunch available at a price!


    DuoRen Cheng – UMichigan ’14
    Gabrielle Chong – Wellesley ’14
    YeeHoong Chow- Northwestern ’10
    Amelia Foong – Oxford ’13 (UK)
    ChingYee Gan – UC Berkeley’14
    Simone Koo – Mt Holyoke ’14
    Amelia Lee- Bryn Mawr ’13
    John Lee – Dartmouth ’11
    YikLun Lee- Stanford ’14
    Victor Lee
    Jason Leong – UPenn ’14
    YokePeng Leong – Northwestern ’12
    Hobart Lim – Yale ’14
    Lenard Lim – Middlebury ’12
    SuAnn Lim – Columbia ’12
    Philip Loh – Olin ’13
    HeongWeng Mak – Indiana ’12
    Lalitha Muthusamy – Mt Holyoke ’13
    Tanuja Nadarajan – UChicago ’14
    Aaron Nair – Boston ’13
    JungKian Ng
    Nigel Ng – Northwestern ’14
    SinSeanne Ng – Mount Holyoke ’14
    JinTik Ngai – Stanford ’12
    CoYin Oh- MIT ’14
    EeVon Ong – UC LA ’14
    Daniel Oon – Dartmouth ’14
    Dinesh Rathakrishnan – Macalester ’14
    Deisigan Shammugam – Emory ’14’
    Joyce Tagal – Yale ’09
    MayLyn Tan
    ShuWen Teo – Colby-Sawyer ’13
    KhyeTheng Wan – UPenn ’13
    Noel Wan – Columbia ’14
    Andrew Wong – Bates ’12
    WunMin Wong – MIT ’11
    Joshua Yee – CMU ’14
    ChenChow Yeoh – Cornell ’05
    KahWei Yoong

* This two-day intensive workshop is strictly open to students ONLY. No parents/other adults will be admitted due to limited space.

* This workshop is focusing ONLY on undergraduate applications. If you would like to apply to US for graduate studies, this workshop is NOT suitable for you.

* Food, drinks, and stationery are not provided. Please bring your own.

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36 Responses to Klang Valley 2-Day Workshop

  1. CHEW AI HUI says:

    Hey 🙂

    First of all, THANK YOUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!! for organising such workshop. It’s undoubtly going to be a great help for students intending to pursue higher education overseas.

    However, I would like to confirm if the Friday workshop starts at 9 am?
    Does this mean that students would need to skip their classes to attend this workshop?
    Or perhaps, Taylors can arrange that day to be a holiday?

    Thank you for looking into my enquiry. Hope you can get back to me as soon as possible!

    • chenchow says:

      Hi Ai Hui,

      It is our pleasure to organize the workshop.

      All the workshops are on weekend. 7th and 8th August are on Saturday and Sunday. 🙂 So, you shouldn’t need to skip any classes. 🙂

  2. ArchanahT says:

    Hey guys! thanks for organizing this workshop.. great work! i’ll definitely try to be there!!
    i’m REALLY interested in studying in US but i want to now is there any financial assistance provided for deserving students from poor financial backgrounds? like education loans or scholarships?
    or are we by ourselves there… i mean use our own money to study…

  3. Chan Foo Lian says:

    Hi! Just have a query, wound i get any further notification of confirmation on this workshop after i have completed the sign-up form and submitted it?

  4. Amstrong says:

    May l have the itineries/schedules details of the workshop? l am from out-station.
    thank you.

    • caramel.nut says:

      Hi Amstrong,

      We are currently preparing for the half-day workshop, so we have yet to finalize our schedule for the 2-day workshop.

  5. Owen Low Thian Koon says:

    excited about it 🙂
    MIT ! xD

  6. Aiman Jamilah says:

    Hi guys, thanks for organising this workshop! I’d really like to attend, but I’m having difficulties with my transportation. Will there be any shuttle bus or something from the Subang Jaya KTM station to the Taylor’s Lakeside Campus?

    • Ashley says:

      From the KTM station you can either take mini bus (yellow color) numbered 66 or 69 (check with the bus driver whether it passes by Sunway Pyramid before getting on the bus though). The buses will stop at Sunway Pyramid. You actually have to get off the bus before reaching Sunway Pyramid, but just in case you do get off at Pyramid, you can take a cab from there (but cab from Pyramid is rather expensive). It is possible to walk to Taylor’s Lakeside but I would advise against it.

      Actually I think the best would be to take a cab straight from Subang KTM. The cost should be less than RM10.

  7. Amy says:

    Finally, a workshop that can tell me what to do, and how to do it right. I have a question, how do I go about registering for the 2 day workshop?

  8. Alex says:

    Hi, I’m a pre-u student from Penang.
    I would like to ask can I come for the Sunday workshop only? Because im having a replacement class on Saturday, I’m still considering about it now.. 😦

    • chenchow says:

      Hi Alex,

      As the workshop would be a 2-day workshop, attending the Day 2 alone, would make it difficult for you to follow, as we would be assuming that you know the stuff that we have covered in Day 1.

      So, would say that it would be tough for you, to come only for Sunday.

  9. Vivian says:


    I had been looking forward to attend this workshop… but unfortunately on the 1st day (7/8/2010) I have signed up for Medic Camp which is also taking place at Taylor’s Lakeside Campus.

    Is there any possible ways that I could skip the 1st day but only present for the 2nd day of the workshop?

    Really appreciate the reply!

    • chenchow says:

      Hi Vivian,

      My answer is similar to above.

      It would be tough for you to follow for Day 2 workshop, as we would assume you know the stuff covered in Day 1.

      Is the Medic Camp whole day? Perhaps best way is for you to come to Lecture Theatre 20 to speak to us, and we can see your understanding of the material, to see whether you could follow the progress of the 2-day workshop.

  10. Matthew says:

    but this saturday there is replacement classes for secondary school students for deepavali holidays. Is it possible if i come for the workshop at around 2pm in the afternoon after school ends?

    • chenchow says:

      Matthew, do register in the website and indicate that you are SPM 2010 or SPM 2011, SPM 2012 etc. We will email you with more info on how we will do a crash course sharing with you all.

      Yes, do come once your school ends, and then look for us for registration. We are at Lecture Theatre 20.

  11. dylan chan says:

    Hi! May I know what is the difference between the 7-8 august workshop and the 25th july ones?

    • chenchow says:

      Dylan, for the 25th July one, it was half-day workshop, so we cover only the basic one. It is more for those who are not sure whether to further studies in US.

      For 7th-8th August one, it is comprehensive workshop, which covers much more details on applications.

  12. Jun says:

    Hi, I understand from a friend that the agenda on saturday is as followed :

    3:00pm – SAT/TOEFL and SAT/TOEFL Worksession*
    4:30pm – College Life Scripted Open Floor

    Could I know if the TOEFL worksession is aimed at only people who’ve yet to sit for their TOEFL exams (I’ve sat for mine) and what exactly happens at 4.30. Reason being that I might have to leave earlier to somewhere else, and would like to know if I could possibly arrange for some amicable solutons.

    Thanks. 🙂

    • chenchow says:

      TOEFL portion would just be for a few minutes, as the bulk would be for SAT Reasoning Test and SAT Subject Tests.

      For 4:30pm, it is about sharing on life studying in US.

      May I know from where you get the agenda?

      • Jun says:

        I see. So beginning from 3 noon it’s just about SATs and sharing? I got it from mak, a friend of mine whose one of the facis. Thanks ChenChow.

  13. chenchow says:

    Jun, those are guideline of the time. We would try to follow the schedule, but would adjust if certain sections take longer or shorter. It is strongly advisable to attend the full session.

  14. safiyyah says:

    Are there any more places for this workshop? I haven’t receive any email confirmation about my registration.

  15. Grace says:

    Hello.. can we still sign up for the workshop?

    • Ashley says:

      Hi Grace, unfortunately the registration is closed and for those who have not registered, you can walk-in tomorrow. Registration for walk-ins will start at 9:30am.

  16. Su-yin says:

    To all the facillitators and people involved in the workshop for the past two days,

    I would like to extend my gratitude on behalf of all of us who have attended the past workshops. You guys have been very insightful and have knowingly given us the kick-start by encouraging us to pursue our dreams of attaining a more holistic education. All best best for this fall and I look forward to meeting up with all of you in the near future.
    Being Malaysians, of course boleh lah kan? (:

    Best wishes,

    • chenchow says:


      Thanks for your encouraging message. Appreciate it.

      It is such kind of messages, plus the giving back spirit that many of the past attendees that keep all of us going~!

      All the best to you! And hopefully, you would join us next year in being facilitator, to share with the newer batch!


  17. Russell Pang says:

    To all facilitators of the US App Workshop 2010,
    Thank you so much for organizing such an informative workshop, providing all of us with invaluable insights for us US aspirants.

    You guys are a fun and sporting bunch to be with and I’m so glad to have known all of you. 🙂

    Keep in touch.

    Russell P.

    • chenchow says:


      Thanks for your kind words. It is our pleasure.

      All the best to you! May your American dream would come true!

      Chen Chow

  18. John Lee(Not the Darthmouth guy) says:

    A big thank you to all the facilitators for a job well done. You’ve sacrificed a lot justtospendthe weekend with us and inspiring us. You guys rock!!!! I’ll definitely want to volunteer for next years program,this time hopefully as a facilitator instead of sitting at the seats in awe of those that have made it. My dreams of studying in the US have never felt much closer after this workshop And Chen Chow, thank you a lot for organizing this whole event.You’ve been such a blessing to Malaysians seeking to study in the US. Keep up your good work and may God bless you!

    • chenchow says:


      Thanks for your kind words. The workshop is possible, thanks to Philip and his team of facilitators. I am just the “teddy bear” as the other facis said. They are the ones who put in the efforts to make it happen!

      Great that you are motivated to try your best to apply and come back to share with the future batches of students!

      Good Luck!

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