Penang Workshop

Covers: What is US Education, How is it different from UK/Aus/Malaysia/Singapore education, What is Liberal Arts Education, Life Studying in US, and basic applications steps

Date: 26th June 2010

Time: 2PM – 6PM (Registration at 1PM – 1:50PM)

Venue: INTI International College Penang (Venue Sponsor)

1-Z Lebuh Bukit Jambul, 11900 Penang

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Cost: FREE!


Anand Pillai (Northwestern ’04)

Andrew Loh (Swarthmore ’11)

Chan Leong (Carnegie Mellon ’14)

Cheen Euong (Stanford ’15)

Chen Chow (Cornell ’05)

Daniel Oon (Dartmouth ’14)

Dominic Lucien Luk (Brandeis’ 10)

Hobart Lim (Yale ’14)

Jing Min (Sarah Lawrence ’13)

Joshua Yee (Carnegie Mellon ’14)

Kevin Sim – Resident Counselor, Raffles Junior College, Singapore

Philip Loh (Olin ’13)

Wong Teik Aun (Pomona College ’96)

WunMin (MIT ’11)

Yoke Peng (Northwestern ’12)

* Food, drink and stationery are not provided. Please bring your own.

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4 Responses to Penang Workshop

  1. LHY says:

    Cool.. I want to go.. Too bad that I’m currently at Nilai >.<

    • caramel.nut says:

      Hi, you can attend the workshop that we are organizing in Klang Valley end of July. You can get here by KTM.


  2. Loh Lean Hye says:

    What a workshop ! The way you related and the way you presented are so good that I , as a parent , learned so much myself. Now Malaysia has hope,( if you return !) In fact after more than 5 hrs I still found it difficult to pull myself away from the group. Each of you shared so much of your-selves/lives that I felt so energized even after having to drive another 1 hr home. Next time I sure would bring along my young 12 yr old son to get this true-to-life education, and prepare him early for LAE.
    I can’t thank all of you enough. Please keep it up, Chen Chow et al …
    Warm regards

    • chenchow says:

      LH, thanks a lot for your positive feedback. It really means a lot to us. Thanks a lot for your support! It means a lot to us.

      Hopefully your 12-year-old son would be able to have his dream come true!

      If you know of anyone who can benefit from our KL workshop on 25th July, as well as the comprehensive 2-day workshop on 7th and 8th August, do let them know!


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